Replacement seats for Caterpillar
Scraper seats for most major brands including Terex, John Deere and Cat.  These air ride seats have wrap-around
barrel seat uppers that can be straight on or offset.  New to the product line are the scraper seats to fit Cat "G" series
scraper seat.  
24V heavy duty, rated at 400lbs.  
Comes with adjustable shock for
average and smaller operators.  
Replacement seats for Caterpillar
Replacement seats for John Deere,
and Terex scrapers.  
Seat upper, fits on most Tough Seats
model Scraper seats.  Not an exact fit for
seats not bought from Tough Seats
24V air, heavy duty version of 95S.  Can come in
cloth or vinyl.
 Rated at 400lbs
Newer style seat, fits most "G" Terex scrapers.  
Can be outfitted with out without compressor.  
CALL US because fitment and machine downtime deserve accuracy.  
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