Tough Seats is not out to make a penny on shipping, just recover our cost.  Our product is priced for
business to business transactions and therefore is not factored into the price of the seat.  All products are
welcomed to be shipped FOB our warehouse which is centrally located in southern Wisconsin.  This
allows most product to be on either coast within three shipping days.  

Tough Seats has established shipping accounts with large discounts for those buyers that do not have or
wish to use their freight service.  All full size seats use the following matrix within the continental US.  

1 seat = $65-$125 per seat (some close to WI, IL, MN might be less)
2 seats =  $65-$95 per seat
3 seats = $55-$85 per seat
4 or more = Free shipping!!  Saves about $50 a seat.  

Seats are expensive to ship, they are big, bulky, and heavy.  If a company is offering free shipping on a
complete seat, single order; rest assured they are re-cooping the cost somewhere.  

Please note when shipping ltl truck freight a commercial address is required.  Any added charges;  
re-delivery, lift-gate, limited access incurred on the shipment will be billed to the receiver.  This is up to the
trucking company discretion and Tough Seats has zero knowledge of those add-ons until after the order is
CALL US because fitment and machine downtime deserve accuracy.  
Knowledgeable parts people direct, no recordings.